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brettfowle(8)                 Full-stack Developer                 brettfowle(8)

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Brett Fowle - Software Engineer, UX/UI Developer, Continuous Learner


brett [--develop] [--design] [--data] [--engineer] [--architect] [--deploy] [--all] [--location="Columbus, OH"] <command> [<args>]


Build interesting and intuitive customer-facing products, applying years of industry experience, problem-solving skills, and architectural knowledge -- and have fun in the process.



- Web development - Software architecture - Distributed systems - Data mining, analysis, visualization - Machine learning, deep learning - Test-driven development - Mobile-first design - iOS, Android development - Cloud architecture, 12FA, microservices - Continuous integration, deployment - 3D graphics, animation, games - Vim ninja

Recent Tech Stack


C++, Qt, Go, Python, Node.js, Bash


JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6, AngularJS, Ionic, Firebase, D3, Redux, HTML, CSS, Sass


TensorFlow, scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas


Docker, Ansible, Consul, Webpack, Vim, Git


Karma, Protractor


Amazon AWS, Google App Engine

Hobby Tech


Unity3D, OpenGL, C/C++, C#, Cg/HLSL


React, WebGL

Legacy Tech


Ruby, PHP, Java, Perl, Tcl


MFC, VisualBasic, QBASIC


jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, CoffeeScript


Browserify, Gulp, Grunt, SVN


Senior Software Developer at CoverMyMeds


Columbus, OH

. August 2015 - August 2017. Developed applications from the ground up for pharma companies to improve their workflow around the prior authorization process. Later converted workflow for internal hub use, iterating on new, improved efficiencies to drive fast, accurate ways to get patients their meds. - Server-, client-side, and database development to create a workflow application and tool focused on improving the insight and efficiency around hub services for pharma. - Designed front end application using a mobile-first approach. - Data, analytics, insights into improved efficies and automation. - Real-time monitoring, analytics, performance-testing.

Tech Used

JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Pusher, D3, HTML, Python, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Sass, Bootstrap, StatsD, Docker, Gulp, Capistrano

Senior System Engineer at Chemical Abstracts Service


Columbus, OH

. January 2012 - August 2015. Part of several open-space, Agile teams responsible for various internal and external projects. - Server- and client-side development on the flagship product to introduce new features and maintain existing functionality. - Built an SVG-based chemical drawing tool; constructed a stateless rendering engine and implemented various drawing tools. - Produced a POC to demo the capabilities of an internally- developed search platform. Applied data visualizations such as interactive charts and force-directed graphs that performed drilldown operations on large datasets.

Tech Used

JavaScript, AngularJS, Dojo, jQuery, D3, HTML, Less, Java, Ruby, Socket.io, Grunt, Gulp

Lead Programmer at Gutensite


Walnut Creek, CA

. November 2007 - January 2012. Worked with a small team of developers and designers to produce a CMS that served many custom, commercial and personal sites. - Server-side development of core CMS functionality. - Responsible for engineering a core feature of MLS reality databases. Standardized data and conventions in order to create a common transport for displaying similar fields. - Client-side development, constructing cutting-edge UX and site installs of beautiful UI design.

Tech Used

PHP, JavaScript, Mootools, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Fireworks

Lead Programmer at Digital Design Center


Lake Mary, FL

. 2006 - 2007. Part of a team of primarily 3D artists and CAD designers developing a desktop application used by property builders to facilitate virtual color appointments for customers' pre-built homes. - Built a custom rendering engine entirely fit for the needs of the product. - Revamped a large database housing all consumable data. - Wrote various tools used by artists, including render farm automation, 3D software scripts and macros, and image stitchers. - Devised an internal desktop application for maintaining data, reports, and creating demo house projects. - Created a customer-facing product identity website. Including an admin portal for in-house development; for builders to maintain their properties; or for vendors to manage their products.

Tech Used

C/C++, OpenGL, Ogre3D, HLSL, MFC, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Maya, Photoshop


Full Sail University


Winter Park, FL

. September 2003 - March 2005. - Associate of Science in Game Design and Development


Brett Fowle <brettfowle@gmail.com>


Email brettfowle@gmail.com Website http://bfowle.com GitHub http://github.com/bfowle PSN/Steam bf0wl3
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